JAWS Minute Episode 64

May 11, 2016
JAWS Minute! The only JAWS podcast that is here to analyze JAWS one clinking, clanking, steam powered minute at a time! Adam Harmon from Salem Ink Tattoo and the MHS Hysteria on YouTube, the weekly and weakly scripted Steampunk adventure that drops new eps every Monday, continues this week! We are recording at one of the best Steampunk events in all of New England, The Watch City Festival in Waltham, MA. Adam welcomes a series of guests to podcast from the Waltham Common in the middle of the festival. This minute we talk about some of the best child acting of all time and about how a shot of open water can move a person with the cats from The Positronic Cats and a fella from the Midsummer Fantasy Faire in CT. 



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